Raymarine launches revolutionary e7 multifunction display

World’s first 7” multifunction display to provide expansive networking and wireless Bluetooth control

August 2011

World-leading marine electronics manufacturer Raymarine launched its revolutionary e7 multifunctional display (MFD) at the 2011 Sydney Boat Show, bringing advanced power, expanded networking, and wireless connectivity to boaters looking for the most technically innovative and intuitive way to access information and control on-board systems.

As the world’s first 7” (17.78cm) MFD to provide networking with up to six displays plus accessories, the e7 takes integration to new levels embracing the full power and capability of WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. With the e7, boaters have on-screen control of thermal cameras and are able to stream live video direct to their iPad (1&2), iPhone (4 and above) in real time, making navigation charts, thermal video, radar and sonar information more accessible and portable than ever before. Simply put, with built-in WiFi connectivity the e7 screen display can be accessed from absolutely anywhere on-board via mobile iOS devices.

Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity the user has the ability to control the e7 via the optional remote control unit, which can be mounted on a boat’s steering wheel or used as an independent handheld device. Range in, range out, mark a waypoint, the RCU-3 remote controller gives you access to frequently used functions whilst underway. The RCU-3 also eliminates the need to expose mp3 devices to the elements, controlling audio playback remotely so that mp3 players can remain stowed away safely.

Raymarine has developed a new user interface called Lighthouse, which brings familiar touchscreen navigation and customisation options together. This results in a highly intuitive and logical system that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate. Users are able to customise their e7 through simple drag-and-drop movements and navigation charts can be configured incredibly quickly and easily.

Three processors make the e7 a powerful multitasker; a dual core main processor and a third dedicated graphics processor give stunning 3D graphics, brilliant video and instantaneous chart redraws.

Designed by mariners for mariners, the e7 has a super-bright LCD display backlit with LEDs to improve overall power efficiency and provide maximum linear brightness control. The e7’s display is also transflective, further enhanced by a choice of colour palettes which allow for optimum use of available sunlight; saving even more power and energy.

The e7 display offers clear and consistent colour and contrast levels, even with changes to the viewing angle. The e7 screen has been given a special Sport Optic coating specifically designed to combat the common ‘blackout’ effect problem experienced by boaters when viewing screens at an angle through polarised sunglasses.

The e7 has been designed to withstand the extreme diversity of the harsh marine environment without compromising its cutting-edge technical functionality. The sleek design of the e7 is complemented by Raymarine’s remarkably simple and easy to use HybridTouch™ technology. Boaters can quickly switch between intelligent touchscreen and sturdy keypad control. This enables the user to choose their preference, and switch easily as conditions on-board dictate

Specifically adapted for fishermen, Raymarine has created the e7D, incorporating built-in HD digital sonar, targeting fish and depicting bottom contours and structure with amazing clarity. The e7D can also be connected to thru-hull or in-hull transom transducers. Both the e7 and e7D have a 48 channel, high sensitivity internal GPS and are available with Navionics ready-to-navigate coastal or inland charts supplied on microSD cards.

Available from this September;
e7 (no chart) RRP - £995 / € 1195 - excluding taxes

e7D (no chart) RRP - £1195 / €1445 excluding taxes.
e7 with Navionics ready-to-navigate chart RRP - £1095 / €1345

e7D with Navionics ready-to-navigate chart RRP - £1295 / €1595 excluding taxes.
RCU-3 Remote Control - £95 / €110 excluding taxes.

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