Andrea Mura Selects Latest Raymarine Electronics On Vento Di Sardegna In Preparation For 2012 Twostar

June 2012

With a class win in the Route de Rhum, Italian Andrea Mura in his Open 50 Vento di Sardegna, is probably the fastest monohull entered in the 2012 TWOSTAR race. As part of his race preparations Mura has chosen to fully upgrade the Raymarine electronics onboard, with Raymarine’s new i70 instruments and p70 autopilot control heads. Mura and crew Riccardo Apolloni will also be using Raymarine’s TH24 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera on board for additional safety and visibility at all times of day and night.

In the last five months Vento di Sardegna has been totally refitted in order to improve her speed and performance. A key part of the refit was the upgrade of a fully integrated navigation, communication and safety system featuring Raymarine’s innovative top of the range products.

The integrated Raymarine electronics system on board Vento di Sardegna gives Mura all the information he needs at his fingertips. A single C140W widescreen multifunction display acts as the central hub, while the new-look i70 and p70 controls and displays, packed with powerful features, stunning graphics and a highly intuitive user interface, provide all the relevant data required in the most convenient positions on board. Boasting a 4” over-sized LCD display, the i70 instrument displays maxi 43mm digits in full screen mode. The superior 160˚ horizontal and vertical viewing angles ensure the screen display can be seen clearly from all angles and is enhanced by the anti-reflective coating for improved visibility in bright sunlight.

An AIS500 Automatic Identification System on board is used to help prevent collisions by identifying vessels in the vicinity. By displaying on screen the vessel’s name, size, course, speed and bearing, and contact details, Mura and Appolloni can make quick judgements about their safety in relation to other vessels nearby. A key feature of the new i70 instruments is the ability to act as an AIS repeater, providing an invaluable ‘AIS at-a-glance’ visual reference and significantly adding to the crew’s situational awareness.

Autopilots are always a critical component of any long distance racing yacht, and Mura’s SPX-30 autopilot uses the customizable p70 autopilot control head with 3.5 inch screen which replicates the i70’s superior display features showing pilot information in a number of different formats and supporting multiple data sources.
An essential piece of safety kit for Mura during the race, there’s still a risk of Labrador Sea ice drifting as far down as the 43rd parallel this year, will be his Raymarine TH24 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera - it’s lightweight, compact, easy-to-use and will enable the crew to see clearly for up to one kilometre, picking out those ‘bergy bits’ and ‘growlers’ even in complete darkness.

Andrea Mura says, “We rigorously tested all the latest technology on the market and Raymarine continues to be our preferred electronics system on board. I trust their products, they’re technically advanced, reliable and easy to use - which is critical when I’m racing. I’ve worked with the Raymarine team for many years and we have a very close relationship. Over that time the feedback I’ve given them on equipment features and usage has been invaluable to both of us.”

The Two Handed Transatlantic Race (TWOSTAR) from Plymouth (England) to Newport (Rhode Island) is scheduled to start on 3 June 2012. If all goes to plan Mura and Apolloni plan to race Vento di Sardegna in the Quebec - Saint Malo, scheduled to start on 22 July 2012.

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