Raymarine Upgrades Multifunction Product Line With New LightHouse v5

New Software Offers "Slew-to-Cue" Thermal Camera Tracking, New fuel manager, IP video camera support and much more....

October 2012

Raymarine has announced LightHouse v5 software for c-Series, e-Series and the all new a-Series multifunction displays. LightHouse v5 greatly improves the MFD user experience with a long list of new features and enhancements to Raymarine’s award winning multifunction displays. The new version 5 software makes its debut at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and will be showcased across the entire Raymarine MFD offering including the all new e165 – the e-Series flagship, and the new compact a-Series MFDs.

LightHouse v5 brings several great new capabilities, including Fuel Management tools. Raymarine MFD users can now calibrate their fuel tank levels and take advantage of fuel usage displays, low fuel alerts, plus a dynamic fuel range ring overlaid on the chartplotter display. The innovative fuel range ring provides a simple visual representation of vessel range based on tank levels and live fuel consumption.

One of the most significant new features in LightHouse v5 is “Slew-to-Cue” thermal camera tracking. Taking advantage of FLIR’s expertise in security and surveillance thermal technology, Raymarine now delivers an enhanced level of integration between thermal night vision, radar, and GPS navigation. “Slew-to-Cue” improves situational awareness by enabling the thermal camera to automatically keep any “cued” targets in view at all times. Just touch the radar or chart display (the cue) and the thermal camera automatically moves the camera view to the cursor position (the slew), allowing captains to keep radar targets or chart objects in constant view while underway. For added safety the camera will Auto Slew to MARPA and AIS targets, providing visual confirmation of dangerous vessel traffic situations. A Man Over Board alarm will also activate Auto Slew, keeping the Man Over Board position in view at all times during a rescue situation.

Video over IP camera connectivity is also available with LightHouse v5. Video over IP enables a simple Ethernet connection to multiple CCTV cameras, allowing boaters to simply swipe and view every connected camera on the network.

Raymarine users now have the freedom to go paperless on board with an all new document viewer application in LightHouse v5. The new document viewer gives Raymarine MFD users the ability to view PDF files alongside navigation functions e.g view your active radar and set guard zones while viewing the relevant section of the manual at the same time. Now users can access Raymarine handbooks and other vessel related documents right from the helm.

In addition to showcasing the new LightHouse v5, Raymarine will preview an all new MFD audio application that integrates with Fusion 700 series marine stereos. The new application lets users access their Fusion stereo controls right from the MFD user interface. The application gives Raymarine users remote control of tracks, playlist, volume, and even features album art right on the MFD display. The new MFD audio application with Fusion integration will be available in the next version of LightHouse in early 2013.

The free LightHouse v5 software will be available for Raymarine’s new generation of c-Series, e-Series and a-Series multifunction displays. The software and upgrade instructions will be downloadable in the next few days from the Raymarine website www.raymarine.com  

Om Raymarine:

Raymarine er en ledende produsent av maritim elektronikk med utvikling og produksjon av det mest komplette elektronikksortiment rettet mot fritidsbåt og lettere yrkesfartøy. Produktene, som har mottatt en rekke priser og utmerkelser, kombinerer brukervennlighet med høy teknisk kvalitet vel tilpasset bruk i tøfft maritimt miljø. Raymarine har i dag et globalt nettverk av forhandlere og distributører som bistår med salg, service og support.
Raymarines proukter inkluderer i dag multifunksjon display, radar, autopiloter, GPS, ekkolodd, instrumenter, kommunikasjon og integrerte systemer. Raymarine er en divisjon av FLIR systems som er verdens ledende innefor termisk billedbehandling. For ytterligere informasjon om Raymarine; se www.raymarine.com.    


Om FLIR Systems:

FLIR systems har vært en pioner innefor alle områder av IR-teknologi og har i dag utvikling, produksjon og support av termiske systemer og delsystemer til industri & forskning, forsvar & politi, brannvesen & miljø samt maritim & automobil bruk. Med nærmere 50 års erfaring innenfor utvikling av infrarød baserte systemer, med mer 100 000 systemer i bruk verden over og med salgs- og utviklingsavdelinger i mer enn 60 land har FLIR etablert seg som verdens ledende aktør innefor termisk billedbehandling. Dersom du ønsker mer informajon om delskapet - se våre hjemmesider; www.FLIR.com



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