Software for Raymarine AIS650

  • Software for: AIS650
  • Version: v1.15 (040200.01.15.01)
  • Date Released: October 2015

Software History

Version Release Date Features
v1.15 Oct 2015
  • Conforms to NMEA2000 specification changes with respect to product information codes (126208 and 126996)
  • Update to alarm output mode
  • Update to STng alarm acknowledgement
  • Update to alarm output default

AIS650 will report this as 040200.01.15.01

Note: The software update also consists of a PC USB driver update that must also be applied to the PC that the Class B is used with regularly. Failure to update the USB driver software on the PC may result on the device not being recognised, even if the device itself has received the software update.

Download USB v1.15 Drivers Only

v1.10 Aug 2014
  • Corrects an issue with STng bus recovery, after a brief bus power interruption
  • Conform to NEMA2000 specification changes for device class and function codes
  • Fix issue of USB communications failing on some PC hosts when attached to the host while it boots
  • New config file to prevent conflicting GPS data being transmitted onto STng (PGN129026)
v1.7 April 2013
  • Fixed issue with some channel numbers setting incorrect AIS frequencies (not a customer issue)
  • Extended MMSI range configuration to allow daughter vessel MMSIs
  • New USB device driver - resolves USB connection stability issues and driver installation issues (driver is now fully certified)

    Download USB v1.7 Drivers Only

  • Stopped output of GPS position to NMEA2000 bus
  • Fixed incorrect CAN filter configuration (AIS650 was responding to PGN126208 addressed to another node) 
v1.03.02 April 2013
  • Allow entry of daughter MMSI numbers
v1.6 Oct 2012
  • Unit locking up when no other STNG/N2K data is present on the bus, typical seen when power cycling a STng connected Raymarine MFD, resulting in loss of target info.
  • Own MMSI received back from AIS repeater base stations, this manifests itself as own vessel target following itself on a Raymarine MFD or third party chartplotter.
  • Sensitive VSWR checking, previous software version seem to be sensitive when making VSWR checks on the connected VHF antenna, this sensitivity has be lowered.
v1.4 ###
  • ###
v1.3 ###
  • Initial Release