Ray260 VHF Radio Networking


The Ray260 can be installed as a standalone radio with peripherals or as part of a marine electronics network.


  Standalone Ray260 System  
  Standalone DSC VHF Radio System
1 Ray260 Base Station
2 Ray260 Handset
3 Ray260 Passive speaker with 1.5m (4.9ft) speaker cable attached
4 Speaker gasket


  Extended Ray260 System
Note: Each handset station can include 1 passive and 1 active speaker
  Extended Ray260 VHF System
1 Station 1 active speaker
2 Station 1 handset
3 Ray260 base station
4 Loud hailer
5 GPS receiver
6 Station 2 active speaker
7 Station 2 handset
8 Station 3 handset
9 Station 3 passive speaker
10 Multifunction display