Software for Raymarine Evolution Autopilot ACU

  • Software for:
  • Version:
  • Date Released:
    April 2017
  • Additional Notes:
    The Autopilot requires recalibrating after the update is complete, refer to Software Update Information section below.



Software Update Information

Info: a/c/e/eS/gS Download - This download now contains the following additional product updates: Pilots – Evolution ACU, Evolution CCU, p70

Note: The included R4 pilot software requires recalibration of the autopilot once complete. Learn how to setup / recalibrate Evolution Autopilot here

ACU Software History

Version Release Date Features
v2.23 Apr 2017
  • Initial Release for the ACU150
v2.17 May 2016
  • Note:
    • The EV-1 MUST also be upgraded to v2.17 or higher
    • The EV-1 must also be upgraded FIRST
    • The P70/P70R must be upgraded to v3.05 or higher
  • ACU300 Solenoid drive steering improvements to reduce helm oscillation & over activity
  • Joystick Operation improvements
  • NMEA2000 improvements
v1.13 Dec 2015
  • Corrects a communications issue on STng when a Mercury Gateway is also connected onto the same bus for Engine Data onto an MFD. This could cause the Evolution Pilot to report the error message "Drive Stopped" or "No Pilot"
v1.12 July 2015
  • The new software rectifies a steering performance issue where some sail boat users have experienced degraded steering performance in Auto mode while sailing up or down wind in gusty medium to heavy wind and sea conditions. The degraded performance is more prone to occur if sailing with a large amount of standing helm due to increasing weather helm.

    The software change only effects Pilots set to Drive Type Linear or Rotary (mechanical drive units).
v1.10 Sept 2014
  • Improved SeaTalkng bus address claim handling
  • Rudder dampening changed to give higher dead band on ACU300
v1.06 Feb 2014
  • Hydro-Balance™
  • Now prevents the Pilot from disengaging when typically connected to a third party product on NMEA2000 causing the CCU to transmit its product information message more than once
  • Hydraulic Drive Type is now selectable in Pilot Dockside Commissioning and updated in the ACU
v1.00 2013