Erik Aanderaa

Sailor, Adventurer & Filmmaker
Erik Aanderaa

Erik's motto is 'No Bullsh*t Just Sailing'. His extreme solo sailing adventures have taken him to some of the most remote parts of Scandinavia and through the most dramatic seas. Raymarine have been supporting his amazing sailing adventures as he follow the historic routes of the Norwegian Vikings. 

Following the Vikings

On his adventures, Erik is following the sailing passages of the Norwegian Vikings' expeditions; to explore the beautiful remote islands hidden across the North Atlantic ocean. 

He records his journeys on film, and posts them to his YouTube channel 'NBJS' (No Bullsh*t Just Sailing).  Erik’s determination for adventure has taken him across thousands of miles of vast oceans, in his sturdy Contessa 35 sailboat named “Tessie”. With a wide range of Raymarine navigation and camera technology installed onboard, he singlehandedly navigates the safest routes across the dangerous oceans.

Meet Erik Aanderaa

We caught up with Erik to find out more about his latest adventures and plans for the future.

How did you get into boating?

Erik: "My father bought me a little sailing dinghy when I was 11. I was instantly flabbergasted how the boat could move with help of only the wind. From that moment on, I was hooked."

Tell us a bit about your achievements and ambitions in boating?

Erik: "Greatest achievement is today to be able to make a full time living off my YouTube sailing videos. I plan to do this for as long as it goes."

What fuels your drive and ambition?

Erik: "To be able to share my stories and hopefully inspire others to stretch their limits, is fuel itself."

How does Raymarine equipment empower and enable you to live out your dream?

Erik: "The Raymarine equipment I have onboard provides me with the great feeling of being safe while sailing alone overseas. I am able to navigate and use my cameras to watch what is going around outside, while I am inside resting. I am also able to almost fully navigate my boat from inside the cabin - protecting me from the elements.

Where are you going next?

Erik: "My next project I call “Expedition Greenland”. This is my fourth attempt to reach the icy coast of east Greenland, starting in Norway mid June 2024."

Erik Aanderaa is a Raymarine Sailing Ambassador
Erik Aanderaa is a Raymarine Sailing Ambassador
Erik Aanderaa is a Raymarine Sailing Ambassador
Erik Aanderaa is a Raymarine Sailing Ambassador