Ship Happens

Historic Boat Conversion
Ship Happens

Simon and Gemma set about the monumental task of renovating the 72ft 1943 WW2 motor yacht Sarinda, in time for the historic 85th D-Day Anniversary Crossing.

Renovation Ready for Adventure

Sarinda is a 1943 motor yacht that served in Operation Neptune, D-Day landings and as a fast boat for UK Customs. After falling into disrepair, the boat will gain a new life following extensive renovation. They aim to have the boat refurbished, including Raymarine instruments, for the 85th D-Day Anniversary.

Discovery of Sarinda

Simon has long been passionate about the restoration of small boats, but when he and Gemma discovered the motor yacht Sarinda on eBay, it presented a project that was bigger and more exciting than anything they had taken on before.

The historical background of the 72-foot yacht captured their interest, and from the moment they stepped onboard, they wanted to preserve and restore the heritage of this bespoke Admiralty launch.


Follow the Journey

From day one, Simon and Gemma have been documenting their journey on their YouTube channel. Their family of four have faced all kinds of challenges and hurdles along the way, but with the support of their followers they are persevering to have the boat fully restored.

Ship Happens

Raymarine Ready

The re-build project is moving forward with great pace: after making the boat watertight and fitting solar and wind power, they have installed Raymarine electronics to help with navigation and safety.

The Raymarine kit they have chosen includes the new Axiom 9 chartplotter, RV-100 transducer and Ray73 VHF radio with built-in AIS receiver.

Raymarine Axiom Chartplotter

A Vision for the Future

The first monument moment for Sarinda will be the 85th Anniversary of the D-Day crossing, when Simon and Gemma will head across the English Channel with other veterans and their families. 

Further in the future, they hope the family will make many adventures on Sarinda, with the help of Raymarine equipment. Follow their vision and voyage.