B260 Through-Hull Transducer

Bronze, 1kW, Dual Frequency (50/200 kHz) for CP370

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B260 Through-Hull Transducer

B260 Overview

Ideal for bottom fishing, the B260 features 8 internal ceramics that provide excellent deep water sensitivity. The narrow, 6° beam 200 kHz ceramic will give you excellent resolution and crisp image detail needed for bottom fishing. The B260’s low ringing is perfect for finding fish holding tight to the bottom and other structure. The seven-element 50 kHz array has a wider 19° beam for deeper blue-water fishing. The outcome at both frequencies is excellent resolution and crisp image detail where it’s needed most.

B260 Models

B260 Transducer

SKU: E66079
B260 Transducer
  • Deadrise Angles: 0 - 20°

B260 Transducer Resources

General Specifications




Power (RMS)


Max Depth

2,500 Ft. (L) / 1,000 Ft. (H)


50 / 200 kHz

Beam Width

19° / 6°


Depth / Temperature

Hull Material

Fiberglass / Wood

Cable Length

30 Ft. / 9 M.