RVM-100 Transducer

RealVision MAX Transom Mount Transducer for Axiom 2 Pro and RVM-1600 sonar systems.

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RVM-100 Transducer

RVM-100 Overview

Raymarine’s RVM-100 all-in-one transom mount transducer is designed for Raymarine RealVision MAX compatible sonar modules, and RealVision MAX equipped chartplotters.  The RVM-100 lets you easily identify structures and locate fish with the life-like clarity of RealVision MAX technology. The RVM-100 is a 4-channel, Wide Spectrum CHIRP transducer with DownVision™, SideVision™, high-frequency CHIRP fish targeting, and 3D sonar inside. The transducer has a built-in attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) that stabilizes 3D sonar imagery, automatically compensating for vessel motion. You’ll enjoy an accurate and life-like model of the underwater environment that filters out distortions caused by waves, swells, or vessel maneuvering.  The RVM-100 also has a built-in fast-response water temperature sensor for quick, accurate readings.

The RVM-100 is designed for easy transom mounting on outboard-powered motor boats. It features a rugged, marine-grade stainless steel mounting bracket with an integrated kick-up to prevent damage in the event of a strike with floating debris, rocks, or stumps.

For bass boats, flats boats, and skiffs, an optional stainless Jack-Plate mounting bracket (A80480) and spacer kit (A80482) are available. The RV-100 can also be mounted onto stepped hull vessels using the optional stainless steel step-mounting bracket (A80479, sold separately.)

RV-100 Models

RVM-100 Transducer

SKU: A80703
RVM-100 Transducer
  • Transom Mount

  • RealVision 3D

  • 8-Meter Extension Cable

RVM-100 Transducer Resources

RealVision Max 3D sonar

Temperature sensor, AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) sensor

Sonar channels

RealVision Max 3D, SideVision, DownVision, Conical High CHIRP 600 W @ 200 kHz

Beam width

200 kHz: 12°


Length: 256.6 mm (10.10 in), Height: 120.5 mm (4.74 in)

Cable length

8 m (26.2 ft)

Weight (including brackets)

0.647 kg (1.42 lb)

Waterproof rating

IPx6 (surfaces exterior to hull only), IPx7, IPx8

Storage temperature range

-20°C (23°F) to + 70°C (158°F)

Operating temperature range

-2°C (28.4°F) to + 55°C (131°F)


EN 60945:2002, IEC 28846:1993, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, Australia and New Zealand: C-Tick, Compliance Level 2

RealVision Max 3D sonar range
Sonar range

CHIRP sonar = 0.6 M (2 ft) to 365 m (1,200 ft), DownVision = 0.6 M (2 ft) to 182 m (600 ft), SideVision = 0.6 M (2 ft) to 91 m (300 ft), RealVision Max 3D = 0.6 M (2 ft) to 91 m (300 ft)

What's in the box illustration
What's in the box?


Escutcheon plate


Cable clips x5


9 x Self tapper screw (3.9x13) (4 x for escutcheon and 5 x for cable clips)


3 x Self tapper screw (4.2x18) (for transducer mounting bracket installation)


Transducer mounting bracket


Cable connector kit, consisting of: O Ring, Split ring x 2 (1 x spare), Locking collar, Split ring fitting tool




M10 x 65 serrated bolt


M10 serrated nylock nut


Transducer (including 8 m / 26.2 ft cable)