DST810 Gen2 Smart Transducer

Depth, speed and temperature multi-sensor transducer with NMEA2000 output.

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DST810 Gen2 Smart Transducer


The DST810 is a multi-sensor transducer with depth, speed and temperature sensors. Plug the DST810 directly into the SeaTalkng network and receive data on all of your connected instruments, chartplotters and multifunction displays.  

DST810 also includes a built-in attitude sensor that measures vessel heel and trim. Combining those measurements together with the ultra-precise readings from its Gen2 paddlewheel sensor, the DST810 provides heel compensated speed through water readings without any additional sensors.

Calibration of the DST810 is performed using the downloadable Airmar CAST app for smartphones and tablets, linked directly to the transducer using Bluetooth.  

  • Convenient depth, speed and temperature sensors in a single 2-inch through-hull fitting
  • 5.7 Hz speed output (5x per second) for smooth speed-through-water readings
  • Advanced speed calibrations for heel and trim available through the CAST app
  • Ultra-responsive speed readings from 0.3 knots
  • 235 kHz frequency prevents mutual interference with other onboard depth sounder and fishfinders
  • 2-inch, high-strength plastic housing suitable for fiberglass or metal hulls
  • Retractable housing with water valve for easy maintenance
  • 2.5M (8-feet) interconnect cable with SeaTalkng connector 

DST810 Smart Transducer Options

Depth, Speed-Through-Water, Water Temperature, Boat Attitude

DST810 Gen2 Smart Transducer

SKU: E70667
DST810 Gen2 Smart Transducer
  • SeaTalkng network compatible

  • Supports hulls with up to  22° deadrise angle